My Favorite Place in Mexico - San Miguel de Allende

san miguel de allende mexico rooftop

San Miguel de Allende was love at first sight. It lured us with its old world charm and first world amenities. It immersed us in warm, autumn colors as we strolled through its cobblestone streets. It enchanted us with the live flamenco guitar playing in the square in front of a neo-gothic church made of pink stone.

Maybe it was because we rented this amazing house that overlooked the Plaza de Toros of the city on one side and had the best views of the iconic Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel on the other. Aside from the heated pool that overlooked the entire city, I also had the most amazing view of the Parroquia from my bed, to which I delightfully woke up to every morning.

So if I had to list my top 5 favorite things about San Miguel de Allende, they would be:

san miguel de allende mexico colorful streets

  1. Colorful streets. It is a magical town where you’re better off without a map. The best way is to get to know the place is wander randomly and soak up all the amazing colors, entering whatever café or shop catches your fancy. Local regulation requires that all streets and buildings are painted in beautiful fall shades of rust, yellow and red, making every corner Instagram-perfect.
  2. Amazing brunches and one of the best coffee in the world. As a kid, my mom said that chips weren’t breakfast food and then I came to Mexico and found out they were! Chilaquiles is a typical Mexican breakfast made with tortilla chips drowning in salsa, cheese, cream, onion, and sometimes even pulled chicken! We absolutely loved Lavanda Café but you can also check out Cumpanio, El Pegaso, Luna de Queso, or Rosewood.                                   san miguel de allende mexico
  3. Shopping local crafts. San Miguel de Allende is full of local handicraft markets, art galleries, eclectic shops, artisanal souvenir emporiums and modern botiques that make it impossible not to buy anything. We recommend hoarding bed spreads, table runners, pillow cases and pretty much anything you see! The bright colors and intricate patterns will brighted up anyone’s home.
  4. Dramatic sunsets from their numerous rooftops. Top 5: Luna Rooftop de Rosewood, Atrio, La Azotea, Quince, Antonia Bistro.
  5. The house we rented. We would spend hours on our rooftop soaking in the gorgeous view with their local beer or taking a dip in their infinity pool (you have the option to heat it at night!) until we were wrinkly. The interior of the house is just as gorgeous and I can only imagine how exciting it must be when it’s bullfighting season and you can sneak a peek as well.

For a more complete guide, you check out one made by a local friend of ours here!

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