Are Viajecito bags customisable?

Yes! While we have picked out sets to make it easier for you to decide. You can simply go to Build Your Own Bag to create your combination of bag body + strap.

Are the straps compatible with any bag body? 

NO! We have 2 types of bag with its own special accessories. There are the:

1. Tote Bags/Shoppers in Standard and Midi and

2. Splashkits in Medium and Large and Splashbuckets.

The categories are structured so that you can see the accessories that are compatible with a specific model. 

Can I get more than one strap?

Yes! That's the concept behind our bags! You can have one bag and match it with two ore more different kinds of straps enabling you to dress down during the day and dress up during the night!

How do I attach/detach the straps from my Splashkit and Splashbucket?

1. Pick-up your strap, flip it around to find their button sleeves.

2. Line up each button hole with the buttons on your bag

3. Button them on like you would do on a t-shirt!

How do I attach/detach the straps from my Tote Bag/Shopper?

1. Pick up the rope straps, unscrew the black cap at its ends.

2. Insert the unscrewed rope strap through the outside hole on your Tote Bag/Shopper.

3. Open your Tote Bag/Shopper and find the hole inside the lining. Push the unscrewed rope strap through the hole.

4. Screw the black cap back on the rope strap.

5. Repeat for the other end of the rope strap and the remaining strap.

How do I clean my bag?

When necessary, you may rub the outside with any disinfectant or baby wipes. Be careful not to use extremely strong disinfectant as the powdery finish that you love may rub off over time. For a more thorough cleaning, rub both the inside and outside with mild soap and water and let dry.

For more questions, use the chat button on our web or email us at shopviajecitoeu@gmail.com or and we will respond to you within 24 hours.