A Note From Us

To our community,

If we had one word to describe the past 3 weeks, it would be - UNREAL.

 When the enhanced community quarantine came into effect, for the safety of our team, we decided to stop operations. We decided to stop, regroup, and figure out what to do during a time that we thought we would only see in a movie. Except a movie is usually done in about 2 hours. This one is still going and we have no idea when it will end. It’s our current reality.

 The COVID19 pandemic is unlike anything we could have predicted (or imagined). It has hit lives in many more ways than one, and VIAJECITO has been no exception. This is future unknown for all small businesses around the world, and what does one do when the future is unknown? Our only choice is to live in the present. Out with plans we made for 2020, what can we do today?

 One thing we have seen over the past 3 weeks is that although we are required to stay home, separated from our friends, family, and collegues, we have never seen people so united. It is no less than inspiring the way all communities are banding together to help those who need it most. We’ve decided to do the same.

 Beginning today, April 6, 2020, with much discussion over operations, and how we can keep the safety of our team and customers, VIAJECITO will be continuing its operations. But you will see a few changes on our website.

Until this ends, and we are praying it will soon, we will do what we can to help today. We thank you in advance for all your donations. We promise to keep you updated on a weekly basis on all beneficiaries and the status of your donations.


- Team Viajecito