About Viajecito

VIAJECITO was born out of the desire to create cool and modern pieces modified with a personal touch. Made with a combination of materials sourced from all over the world, Viajecito products are made for the fashionable traveler, keeping in mind four main attributes: beauty, comfort, practicality and accessibility.

“A memorable trip is all about the experience. Our accessible pricing (bags at 3000php each and shoes at 2,800php a pair) allows travelers to spend on their experience and still be incredibly chic,” says Pia Ugarte Garcia-Morera, co-founder and creative director of Viajecito. 

“We find most of our inspirations from our travels and want to share them with people back home,” adds Marta Garcia-Morera, the trend hunter of the group.

“Our brand is all about the weekender. It is about creating a product that is inspired by where we have been, for our customers to take with them when they go on their own little trips.” says Marla Batallones, the third of the Viajecito trio.

What brought Marta, Marla and Pia together was their passion for traveling, and unique finds. Family ties and old friendships played a very big role as well. Pia and Marta are sisters-in-law, while Marla and Marta have been best friends since they were 13, albeit being based in opposite parts of the world. Viajecito is what you call a long distance relationship gone right. Marta is based in Madrid, Spain, while Pia and Marla are in Manila. All their planning, item hunting and negotiations are done virtually (through Whatsapp, email or Skype). This enables Marta to travel constantly, looking out for latest trends, new inspirations, and meeting with producers, while Pia and Marla handle sales and operations in the Philippines. They are enthusiastic about their endeavor; tirelessly hunting for pieces their customers will love, and hoping to be welcomed into the Philippine retail world with open arms.